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Whether you’re a fitness freak, news guru or simply enjoy waking up before the crack of dawn on a Saturday to run 5Ks, the National Press Club BEAT THE DEADLINE 5K is the race for you (and for Chevrolet)!

For the third year, Chevrolet is sponsoring special events in conjunction with the race on September 5 and 7 in Washington, DC.  The 5K benefits the ongoing work of the National Press Club Journalism Institute. The Institute is committed to help working journalists improve their skills through ongoing training and programming of future journalists through scholarships that promote diversity within the profession.  This year’s honorary race marshalls are Tony Horton of P90X and Erika Gonzalez, reporter and anchor at News4.

Each year, we build Team Chevy to run the race, inviting area runners to join our team.  This year we’re working with area bloggers and fitness gurus to build the best Team Chevy yet.  Each blogger is inviting one lucky reader to join them on Team Chevy to run the race on Sept. 7, 2013.  That’s not all! You’re also invited to attend a work out with Tony Horton on Sept. 5, 2013 at the National Press Club.

Now for the fun part, who do you want to run with?  Meet our Team Chevy bloggers below and you decide!





Anne, from Fannetastic Food, is a Washington, DC private practice registered dietitian, runner, CrossFitter yogi, and lover of adventure, travel, and healthy recipe creation.  Anne’s taste for healthy eats and an adventurous lifestyle make her a promising mate for the team.  Check out her Team Chevy post here.





Ashley over at Coffee Cake & Cardio transplanted to Washington, DC from Texas and invites her readers to join her on her journey to lose weight, challenge her physical fitness and enjoy life along the way.  Want to run with Ashley from the Lone Star State? Read her Team Chevy post here.






Chelsea joins us from Chelsea Eats Treats and blogs about balancing a healthy lifestyle with treats along the way.  What doesn’t sound better than that!  We love dessert as much as Chelsea does and you probably do too, so run with Chelsea and find out just how she balances it all.  Check out her Team Chevy post here.

Runner 4




Ericka, from The Sweet Life with Ericka, blogs about life, love, running, food and joy – a perfect fit for our NPC 5K Team Chevy.  From Mid-Western background to Mid-Atlantic landing, Ericka loves all things running and food.  Run with Ericka and the Team, check out her Team Chevy post here.

Runner 5




Heather blogs at Dietitian on the Run as a registered dietitian, marathoner, yoga lover and self-proclaimed kitchen experimenter.  Hailing from the Southwest, Heather now lives, works and runs in Washington, DC, one of the healthiest cities.  Join Team Chevy with Heather – check out her Team Chevy post here.

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Maia is the founder of The WorX as well as a certified P90X trainer.  The WorX is a community oriented fitness program that strives to help not just your body but you mind and heart as well.  Check out The WorX’s Facebook page to enter to run on Team Chevy with Maia (Tip: Because of Maia’s P90X trainer status, her winning follower can join her for an invite-only Tony Horton Tweet Up on Sept. 5)



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