Descent Into the Volt Valley


Next week, the hottest thing in the desert ain’t the sun.

April 13th and 14th, the Chevy Volt is making an electric oasis in Indio for VIPs to soak up some sunshine and party to the beat of DJ sets and live performances all afternoon at Volt Valley. Like last year, the Volt will be partying and actually getting in the water with guests, but unlike last year, we’ve got a whole new list of things to do at Volt Valley:

Hot Air Balloon Rides—This party has surf, this party has turf, and this year we also have the air. When lounging on the ground gets overrated, guests will take to the sky in our hot air balloon and float on a cooler current.

Zip Line—It’s true that the fastest way from point A to point B is a straight line, but few know it’s also the most awesome. Attendees can zip from one end of our expansive party to the other in just a moment using our on-site zip line.

Volt Recharge Lounge—Partygoers can catch some shade in our Volt Recharge Lounge, where they can charge their phones using our complimentary charging stations and engage with The Bender’s Ben Harvey.

Freshments & Refreshments—A pool is a cool way to beat the desert heat. An igloo is an even better one. Volt Valley includes a Coolhaus Igloo featuring ice cream sandwiches from L.A.’s coolest creamery. The party will also serve food from The One Group and cocktails courtesy of Petrón.



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