New Chevy Volt Owners in CA – here’s how to get your cash and car pool lane sticker


You may have heard — we changed up the 2012 Volt a bit so it can qualify for California’s new green car pool lane sticker.  This means solo drivers can motor through traffic on more than 1,400 miles of car pool lanes throughout California – not bad for a tiny green sticker.

There’s more.

These new cars also qualify for a $1,500 state rebate — on top of the $7,500 federal tax credit.  This means up to $9,000 off the price of the car!

Getting the sticker is easy — apply online here.

Getting the cash is easier — click this.

IMPORTANT — Only 2012 Volts with the Low Emissions Package qualify for these perks.  Very soon this package will be standard on all Volts sold in California (there is no price increase).  There is no retrofit available for vehicles that have already been sold.

To keep it simple we’ve put together a quick vid and infographic to guide you along the process of getting your sticker quicker.

volt infographic



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