Washington State to Penalize EV Owners – Oppose this Now!


The state of Washington wants to charge EV owners $100 a year because they don’t buy gasoline and, therefore, don’t pay gas taxes. They tried pulling this stunt last year but we killed it.

We oppose the Electric Vehicle Fee currently proposed in Senate Bill 6455 and need help once again prevent it from becoming law. So, we’re asking supporters of cleaner air, lower fuel costs and increased American energy independence to contact their representative in the Washington legislature and Governor Chris Gregoire to oppose the fee.

The logic behind this tax – that the fee is needed to offset losses in gasoline tax revenues – holds no merit.  The number of electric vehicles on the road at this time is not significant enough to produce anything more than a negligible impact on Washington’s state budget.  This penalty is nothing but a blatant attack on innovation and clean transportation.

But the bigger threat is the stigma that Washington is going to create around EVs – that there are more special taxes and fees associated with these cars. The market for EVs is not strong enough yet for these types of add-ons.

The Federal Government already provides consumers a $7,500 tax credit when they purchase an EV.  And many states provide their own incentives such as tax credits, purchase rebates, free parking and charging for EVs.  If SB 6455 is signed into law with the Electric Vehicle Fee, Washington would be the first state in the nation to impose a tax on EVs.

Just as concerning is that elected officials supporting the EV penalty chose a shady legislative path that circumvents the true democratic process.  The legislature added the provision into a huge mixed up transportation bill instead of bringing the measure to the House floor as a standalone bill.  This tactic bypasses the serious discussion and debate where these issues could be raised.

The time to get loud about this is now – we need as much vocal opposition as we can muster in order to defeat this. You were there for us last time around and we are back asking for your help – if you would like to show your opposition to SB 6455, please contact your representative in the Washington legislature and Governor Chris Gregoire to remove the Electric Vehicle Fee from SB 6455.

To find the names and contact information of your Washington State legislative districts, please visit: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/Default.aspx

To find contact information for Governor Chris Gregoire, please visit: http://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/default.asp

Click here to download a template for a sample letter to send to your representatives.

Click here to download a template for a sample letter to send to Governor Chris Gregoire.

Click here to download GM’s letter of opposition, or read it below:



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