Surf’s Up in the Chevrolet Volt with Hurley!


After last week’s rain, it was great see the California sun again – it returned just in time for a great drive down to Costa Mesa where we spent an afternoon with our friends at Hurley.  Team Hurley has been doing some great work with their H2O clean water initiative and really know how to take care of our beaches and surf (you can see reusable water bottles, bikes, skateboards, hybrids, etc. all around the Hurley design campus), so we wanted to show them what Chevrolet has been doing to green our fleet.

Just like at UCSB, we brought our eco-friendliest vehicles including the Cruze EcoSilverado Hybrid and Tahoe Hybrid. We already knew that Rob Machado loved his time in the Tahoe Hybrid, so we wanted to see how the other guys at Hurley would react to the Volt as well.  And given all our newfound sun, I couldn’t resist putting the top down and cruising over in a head-turning new red Camaro.

In the words of one of my new Hurley friends – ”This is just bad ass! Thanks, dude!” – I couldn’t agree more. Check out the pics below:

Special thanks also go to Carl’s Jr. for providing the free burgers – I have a weak spot for good burgers and am glad to see that their new Turkey Burgers are a healthy option. As Ridgemont High’s Jeff Spicoli might have said had he joined us, “All I need are some tasty waves, a cool car, and I’m fine.”

Be sure to check out the video at the very top!



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